For potato planters…


…more capacity and less weight.


No more hassle with adding and filling water while planting, thanks to our LvS
technology. Because 1 tank = 1 day Less weight, less ground pressure, yet more

Our LvS mounted sets have their own GPS, which means you automatically get the
correct distribution at any speed. This also applies to the row fertilisation option. Our
LvS GPS mounting sets can be mounted on all major brands of planting machines,
new and used. Ask your dealer about this. Many other growers with seed,
consumable and factory crops, whether on clay, peat or sandy soils, have gone
before you. Feel free to call for more information and references and/or watch a few vlogs:

link naar vlogs.
Together with your mechanisation dealer, we will be happy to advise you on the


The advantages at a glance


    • Easy and flexible to mount on all new and existing major brands of planters.
    • Increases your capacity.
    • Time for work other than bringing more water…
    • 1 tank = 1 day… keep driving where others fill up, thinking, measuring,
      possible mess…
    • Less weight, less ground pressure/compaction.
    • Drift arm and suitable for all common products.
    • Good distribution in the ridge.


  • Not prone to blockages.
  • Very user-friendly operation.
  • Control by planting machine possible, also by section (option).
  • Spreader head monitoring alerts in the cab in case of malfunction.
  • Residual liquid return function and flush function.
  • Controller with own GPS! Distribution reacts extremely quickly to
    change of driving speed!
  • Optional speed-dependent row fertilisation.
  • Years of experience on clay, peat and sandy soils. Ask for references.
  • Delivery and mounting through your own mechanisation dealer.



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