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PIEPER-DOES PRO – Protects your produce !
Based on more than 25 years of leading Agricult ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology. Our Pieper-Does Pro with digital technology is another leap forwards. It has major advantages.


• For treating all kind of produce such as potatoes, bulbs, fruit etc.
• Suitable for treatments at any capacity. During very low produce flows untill extremely high flows of produce.
• For any spray width from 30 centmetres untill 3 metres on the rollers of a hopper.
• Uniform, even ultrafine droplets for a perfect distribution and coverage.
• Suitable for all common products/liquids, pure and diluted with water.


NEW: NKV atomizer – with V-atomization pattern!!
– No product losses due to dripping at the sides of the protective cover.
– Your machines stay cleaner, less sticky  and less wearing.
Fits everywhere, for working widths between 30 and 80 cm.
– Exchangeable with the standard NK80 O-pattern atomiser.
– Suitable for all common chemical and biological active ingredients.

VIDEO:   NKV atomiser head with V-pattern ! 

• Suitable for 12 and 230 Volts (24 and 400 Volts optional).
• Stay in control of the flow rate with just one single button.
• Clear, easy to read digital display with the flow rate in ml/min*.
• Accurate distribution and pump output, even after many years of use.


• From 0 to 24 l/hour/pump (0-400 ml/min/pump).
• Three pumps achieve extremely high distribution from 0 to 72 l/hour* !
• Available with 1 , 2 or 3 pumps and spray nozzles with section switch.
• Easy to upscale at a later stage.
• Entire flow range can be set by one single button, without changing  pump tubings
• Closed pump and tubing system from product tank into the atomiser head. No contact between pump and product.
• Return pumps function.


• Low purchase and maintenance costs.
• Reliable, durable and low maintenance.
• No blockages.


• Rinsing system cleans pump, including the spray nozzle.
• Compact and easy to mount.
• Easy to operate.
• Auto-start/stop pump + spray nozzle.
• Prepared for use with a product sensor.
• Self priming pump.
• Adjustable droplet size.