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The Loof-Does is a practical and multifunctionally working machine that distributes liquids in uniformly shaped droplets. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and in most cases reduces the application rate. Because of a very low water use you can work all day with a single tank of water, which increases your capacity and reduces weight. This makes the Loof-Does ideal for one-pass applications. This way you save a lot of time.
This will reduce your workload, especially during busy times. Users of the Loof-Does will share this experience with you.
Imagine this: Using a 500 litre tank to treat 15 to 20 hectares instead of just 2 hectares.
With the Loof-Does you get to grips with your results and planning!


1 machine – 4 purposes

  • 1. Soil treatment (e.g. Rhizoctonia) in 1 single pass when bed tilling.
    2. Weed control during ridging!
    11This magnificent application offers many advantages:
    11– Everything is instantly treated at the right moment and when the soil is moist
    11– It saves time and reduces shading because of wind
    11– Prevents crop damage to neighbouring crops and fields because of spray drift
    3. Haulm desiccation using the TLD-method (Topping-Loof-Does method) which has
    11independently been testes as the best desiccation method.
    4. Spotspraying: very handy for spot spraying patches of weeds.